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Biirin: The Revolutionary Drug In Cirrhosis Therapy Developed In Ukraine (Статья в польском журнале WARSAW POINT)

Ukrainian scientists have developed an unique medication to treat liver cirrhosis condition. «Biirin™» is modulating the synthesis of peptides. It shows anti-cirrhosis action by activating the process of liver restoration, the report at scientific and practical conference «Modern approaches to diagnostic and therapy of internal organs» states. The report was delivered by MD docent Anatoly Pechenka. Anatoly Pechenka is the leading scientist at the inflectional diseases department of the National postgraduate education of Medical Academy of Ukraine. He is also the leading specialist at the «Regeneration» clinic in Kiev.

«Biirin is a groundbreaking development in cirrhosis therapy» – said Anatoly Pechenka. «Humanity was struggling with liver cirrhosis for decades with no results. This medicine has been synthesized in a result of high-tech transformation of plant material, mineral and complex metal compounds. Biirin, the nano-pharmaceutical drug, has been proven to be effective in many ways, especially in the liver cirrhosis therapy» – MD Pechenka explains.

Until now the cirrhosis condition was incurable and the only way to prolong patient life was performed by the transplantation of donor’s liver. Comprehensive research of the molecular mechanics of build-up and development of the cirrhosis showed us the ways to regenerate this organ of vital importance.

«Trials and tests conducted by Ukrainian scientists and international colleagues proved that «Biirin™» was able to initiate the regression of the fibrosis and cirrhosis in liver and completely restore its structure and functionality» – stated docent Anatoly Pechenka.

A. Pechenka pioneered the Biirin therapy of cirrhosis and was one of the scientists who were clinically tested the pharmaceutical drug.

MD A. Pechenka underscored that total regeneration of the liver is a prolonged process. The correct medication based on the Biirin is able to improve the liver condition in a record short time: from four to eight months. To completely restore the liver it would take approximately 1,5-2 years.

He added that the uniqueness of the medication is in the broad spectrum of activity and lack of major side effects.

«Biirin disrupts the starting points of cirrhosis on the microscopic level thus preventing new cirrhosis tissue from building up. It cleanses the liver out from dead cells and stimulates the regeneration of liver tissue» – doctor Pechenka explains.

«Thanks to the Biirin we’ve got an unique opportunity to gift the life to the people with serious diseases without performing surgery and without risks to the health. With this drug we treat not only cirrhosis and fibrosis of different etiology. It was effective in the treatment of chronic hepatitis of types B, B&D and some others.» – tells the doctor.

To illustrate his words he pulled out some of the anonymous medical cases of patients, treated at the «Regeneration» clinic.

«Patients who had F3 fibrosis according the METAVIR scale were able to improve to the F0 level during one year. F0 stands for fully regenerated tissue. Cirrhosis takes longer to treat, especially for the late stages. It can take two years to treat the patient with F4 level. Anyway it is a breakthrough we only dreamed for in the past» – sums up MD A. Pechenka.​

Источник: http://warsawpoint.com/persons/4116-biirin-the-revolutionary-drug-in-cirrhosis-therapy-developed-in-ukraine.html